Distributorship / Automotive Group

Borusan Otomotiv ve Borusan Oto
Borusan Otomotiv ve Borusan Oto
Manheim Turkey
Strategic Positioning
  • Distributor of premium automobiles for BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Aston Martin and BMW Motorcycles in Turkey
  • To become the first choice for automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts
  • Our mission is to provide driving comfort and happiness through unrivaled products and services
2010 Highlights
  • Total sales in the passenger car market grew to 510,000, representing a growth of 38% over 2009 results. Even though the growth of the premium auto segment was as high as 49.3%, BMW managed to surpass this figure with sales that increased by 79%.
  • The combined passenger vehicle imports to Turkey climbed to 440,000 in 2010, an increase of 13% over the previous year.
  • The total number of passenger vehicles produced in Turkey also grew in 2010, to 603,000 cars, a rise of 18% over 2009 figures.
  • In November of 2010 Borusan Otomotiv sold the 100,000th automobile of the brands it represents
  • With a turnover of 12,034 vehicles, BMW had its highest retail sales on record, covering the period of the past 25 years.
  • BMW succeeded in increasing its market share in its segment, from 24% in 2009 to 29% at the end of 2010.
  • Land Rover also had a record year with a turnover of 2,315 vehicles, its highest sales figure to date, and led its sector with a market share of 35%.
  • With a turnover of 708 vehicles, MINI had its second best year ever and was also the leader in its segment, increasing its market share from 42% to 54%.
  • BMW Motorcycles was the leader of the sector consisting of 650 cc and above models. Its current market share of 43% is the highest ever recorded.
  • In the second hand automobile division, we surpassed our business targets with a turnover of 1,065.
  • Among all brands, as well as the whole sales network in general, we reached ratings of 83.3% in customer satisfaction and 76.7% in loyalty.
  • The after sales satisfaction rating of the BMW Group rose to 85%, while the rating of Land Rover also increased to 86%.
  • The new BMW 520 D model, which represents the upper mid-segment and accounts for 30% of BMW sales, came out after June and had the highest sales record of any other vehicle in its sector during the second half of the year.
  • The turnover for the BMW 3 Series accounted for 45% of total sales, which represented the highest portion of the brand’s total turnover. Nearly 30% of all the units sold last year were during the month of December.
Our Determination to Succeed
  • The national BMW Facebook webpage was started and within a relatively short time became the seventh largest national BMW Facebook page in the world.
  • By always giving priority to after sales services, we managed to obtain customer satisfaction and loyalty results which were much higher than our targets.
  • Strategic training and development programs were introduced at Borusan Academy to strengthen the performance of our Group and the individual skills of our employees.
  • The simplified 6 Sigma methodologies which were implemented to provide continual improvement via the creation of a new work culture have enabled us to increase our efficiency and excellence in our internal processes.
  • Three new services, namely top-up package, car foiling and car accessory rental where launched.
  • In what is referred to as “the Oscars of BMW”, Ayşe Öktem received the Manager of the Year award in the “BMW Excellence in Sales 2010” competition.

From left to right:
Borusan Otomotiv, Executive Committee Co-Chairman, BMW and MINI Importer Managing Director
ALİ VAHABZADEH, Borusan Otomotiv, Executive Committee Co-Chairman
TİJEN ÇIDAM, Borusan Otomotiv, Executive Committee Member, Borusan Oto Managing Director
Y. ATİLLA ERMUTLU, Borusan Otomotiv, Executive Committee Member, Aftersales Services Director
A. AYHAN ÖLÇER, Borusan Otomotiv, Executive Committee Member, Land Rover Importer Managing Director
M. KERİM KAZGAN, Borusan Otomotiv Executive Committee Member, Finance and Administration Director

BRENT CLIFTON GREEN, General Coordinator, Manheim Turkey
SALİH ALSON, Managing Director, Supsan

Automotive Group Car Wholesale (Units) Automotive Group Car Retail Sales (Units)

Automotive Group Wholesale by Brand (Units) Breakdown of 2010 Automotive Group Wholesale by Brand (%)

Automotive Group Car Retail Sales by Brand (Units) Breakdown of 2010 Automotive Group Retail Sales by Brand (%)

Corporate Information


  • Borusan Otomotiv became the exclusive distributor of BMW in Turkey in 1984.
  • Borusan Otomotiv became the distributor of BMW Motorcycle in Turkey in 1985.
  • We became the authorized sales and after-sales services provider of the Land Rover brand in 1998.
  • In 2001, Borusan Otomotiv became the distributor of the MINI brand in Turkey.
  • Borusan Oto Kıbrıs Ltd. Land Rover was founded in 2008.
  • As of the last quarter of 2010, Borusan Otomotiv became the distributor of Aston Martin in Turkey.
Products and Services

Passenger cars and 4X4 vehicles, premium selected used cars, motorcycles, spare parts and service, long term automobile rentals, special diplomatic car sales

Dealership Network

  • Borusan Otomotiv has 14 authorized dealers and 23 authorized service centers, located across the seven main geographic regions of Turkey, providing sales and after-sales services for its products.
  • Functioning as a Borusan Otomotiv dealer, Borusan Oto has service points in the Avcılar and Istinye neighborhoods of Istanbul, the Esenboğa, Çankaya and Birlik districts of Ankara, and one each in the Adana-Mersin area and in Gaziantep.
  • The authorized dealers of Borusan Otomotiv include Kosifler Oto İstanbul, Kosifler Oto Antalya, Teknik Oto, Öztorun Oto, Özgörkey Otomotiv and Köprülü Oto.
Strategic Positioning
  • Leader in domestic spare parts market
  • The largest manufacturer of engine valve, valve guide and valve cotter in Turkey
  • A partner offering integrated solutions for customers through new products in spare parts
2010 Highlights
  • 6.4 million units sold, 6.4 million units manufactured in total
  • Responding to demand increases successfully
  • Approaching to the level of 150,000 units in spare parts exportation
  • In spare parts, increasing the sales of products of camshaft, valve lifter, gasket set and engine bearing
  • Being elected as “6 Sigma Company of the year” throughout Borusan Group in Lean 6 Sigma for the third time
  • Record high through customer loyalty level of 92 points in consequence of customer satisfaction survey
Our Determination to Succeed
  • The sales of products of camshaft, valve lifter, engine bearing and gasket set are increased in the segment of spare parts.
  • Steps are taken for offering new products to OEM customers.
  • Actions are taken to apply marketing strategy implemented in spare parts segment in Turkey in the neighbour countries.
  • 3,000 people were reached via 44 small, 5 large training meetings in spare parts market.
  • Periodical increases within the year were responded through successful planning and manufacturing flexibilities.
  • Qualified at the use of new forging technology.
  • Implementation of our strategy on the basis of profit-based purchase was continued.
  • Financial discipline was prioritized.
  • Capacity increased by means employed simple manufacturing system.

The sales of products of camshaft, valve lifter, engine bearing and gasket set are increased in the segment of spare parts.

Supsan Sales Growth (USD million)

Corporate Information

Business Area

  • Production of valves and valve accessories for internal combustion engines via Eaton SrL license, leader manufacturer of the global market
  • International expertise with respect to production of engine components and after-sales services in the markets of original equipment and spare parts
Production Capacity

  • 10 million valves in a year
  • Product capacity with stellite is 4 million units, and double-part product capacity is 5.5 million units

Sectors Served

  • Original equipment manufacturers and spare parts customers in
    domestic and global markets.

Points of Service

  • Headquarters: Halkalı Factory
  • v 100 dealers
Manheim Turkey
Strategic Positioning
  • Turkey’s leading used car remarketing company

2010 Highlights
  • Continued its rapid growth as Turkey’s undisputed leader in used car remarketing.
  • Last year, 11,000 vehicles were sold in the secondhand sales category and 1,000 were evaluated at the open auction platform.
Our Determination to Succeed
  • The number of cars sold increased by 73%.
  • The number of member dealers increased by 40%.
  • Customer Satisfaction Index reached 78 by 11 points of increase.
  • The number of dealer cars sold increased by 55%.
  • The number of dealers participating the auction per week increased by 64%.
  • 73% of unique registered cars were sold.
  • Weekly physical auctions were organized in Ankara Branch.

Continued its rapid growth as Turkey’s undisputed leader in used car remarketing.


2004-2010 Manheim Number of Auction Sales

The number of cars sold increased by 73%.The number of member dealers increased by 40%.
Corporate Information

Business Area
  • Brings together buyers and sellers in a secure environment that is in compliance with all applicable industry laws and regulations
Products and Services
  • Private Auction
  • Offers expert evaluation and pricing of domestic or imported second-hand motor vehicles, logistical support for the transportation of vehicles to “special auction sessions”, as well as facilitating all transactions between buyers and sellers by handling documentation and financial transfers
  • The Company operates totally without restrictions concerning trademarks,selling all brands of automobiles.
  • Sellers from various cities who are the members of the system participate in the private auctions organized each week in the Tuzla, Istoc district of Istanbul and Ankara.
  • Online connection to all auctions from Istoc.
  • Self bidding via pda in Istoc.
Service Locations
  • Center of Istanbul - Tuzla
  • Istanbul Branch - Istoc Auto Center
  • Ankara Branch - Esenboğa