The Role of Borusan Holding

From left to right: CANAN ERCAN ÇELİK, Head of Corporate Functions, Borusan Holding
SEMRA AKMAN, Director, Human Resources and Lean Six Sigma, Borusan Holding
LALE ERGİN ARAT, Director, Strategic Planning and Business Development
The mission of Borusan Holding is to develop a portfolio which will create the maximum value for its partners. Borusan Holding brings this responsibility to life by taking on a pioneer role in terms of leadership and control, monitoring relations with shareholders and other social partners and ensuring the effective utilization of resources. Moreover, it accomplishes this vision by means of forming a corporate identity and culture and creating efficient communication channels. Borusan Holding has positioned itself as a strategic holding, calling for a balanced concentration on the two roles that exist within Borusan Holding: the strategic investor role and the enabler role. While the strategic investor role is accentuated by focusing on active portfolio management to maximize the value created for the shareholders, the guidance and supportive roles can be seen as the Holding works to guarantee the success of the Group’s companies. The four main intentional themes are strategic profit growth, strategic market positioning, new products and services through innovation and business excellence. These ideals assist the Group companies in focusing on and attaining their annual goals and objectives, as well as providing a focal point and guidance to the companies to ensure alignment throughout the Group.

Profit Growth
The companies have the crucial role in the implementation phase of the strategies designed to create value to shareholders. The Group utilizes EBITDA, PBT, NFCF and ROIC measures to enhance company value maximization. The Holding supports the Group’s companies with innovative and sustainable solutions for their funding requirements in order to make them achieve their profitability targets.

Strategic Market Positioning
The primary purpose of the Borusan Group is to influence market dynamics through the strategic methods it has chosen to employ and to take the leading position in the industries in which it operates. The Group has strong brands and sustaining this powerful brand image is among its top priorities. As one of the Borusan Group’s key strengths, excelling in partnership management by building long-term and healthy relations with its partners is another important responsibility of the Holding.

New Products and Services through Innovation
In the rapidly changing world and shifting conditions of competition, the Borusan Group aims to protect its competitive advantage by emphasizing creativity and innovative business processes. In this regard, the Borusan Groups’ companies aim to develop new products and services through innovation in order to meet changing customer demand. The Holding is taking solid measures to integrate innovation into its corporate culture.

Business Excellence
The key aspects of the business excellence theme involve the utilization of the 6 Sigma method to develop leadership skills, a lean organization and process management, as well as making strategy execution a core competency and creating a high performance culture that is more democratic, participatory and collaborative. Borusan Holding is responsible for setting a group-wide management and performance framework and guidelines to ensure the best-in-class governance. The Holding also supports value creating initiatives and the best practices sharing platforms across the Group companies. In this area, the Borusan Academy is highlighted as one of the best examples.

Active Portfolio ManagementThe only strategic theme that is not deployed to Group companies is that of Active Portfolio Management. Active portfolio management covers not only diversification, as well as control and effective management of portfolio risk, but also the continuous monitoring of the performance of the allocation and prioritization of the Group’s financial resources for investments.
With this long term perspective, Borusan Holding will continue to implement its roles within the Group’s strategic themes to ensure that each of its companies meets their specified targets.