Borusan EnBW Energy
From left to right:
Finance Director, Borusan EnBW Energy
KURT KLEİN, Tecnical Director, Borusan EnBW Energy
HÜSEYİN EVELEK, Business Development And Commercial Director, Borusan EnBW Energy
MEHMET SALİH EROĞLU, Investments and Operations Assistant General Manager, Borusan EnBW Energy
Strategic Positioning
  • Aiming to become one of the 10 largest energy generation companies in Turkey
  • Investment target of $ 3 billion by 2020
  • Goal of becoming one of Turkey’s lowest cost electricity generators by aiming to:
  • Be the most efficient
  • Be flexible and reliable
  • Use cost cutting technologies
  • Integrate horizontally and vertically with the energy sector
  • Focusing primarily and heavily on renewable resources
  • Forming a large and flexible portfolio consisting of various energy resources
  • Building our existing generation capacity to 1.000 MW by 2016 and 2.000 MW by 2020.
  • Participating in outstanding privatisation tenders
  • Establishing an efficient management relationship with local authorities and government legislators.
2010 Highlights
  • 90% of the Yedigöl Aksu hydroelectric power plant construction with a total of 50 MW installed capacity was completed by the end of 2010.
  • Temporary acceptance of additional 15 MW capacity of the Bandırma Wind Energy Power Plant was achieved and successful commercial operation commenced.
  • Increased management and personnel to attain core organizational capabilities
Our Determination to Succeed
  • By properly analyzing developments taking place in the energy markets and making projections, we are able to determine the most ideal composition of our portfolio. Through the implementation of a project renewal process that is continually revising itself we ensure that our portfolio is comprised of the most efficient projects.
  • Since we have adopted the idea that the management of environmental and social effects at the implementation phases of the projects is one of the most important aspects of our job, we began the process of formulating the Company principles to which our employees and suppliers are expected to adhere.
  • A company takeover process plan was completed. In light of determined needs a structuring of the primary company processes was initiated.
  • Implementation of various projects pertaining to the operation of the Bandırma Wind Power Plant were started, including Power Curve Verification, Reporting Substructure, Documentation System, Fire Extinguishment System, and Enhancement of the Wind Prediction System Performance.
  • Financial and management project tracking modules were designed to ensure the continuous monitoring of ongoing investments.
  • The formation of ERP solutions were started in order to support operational as well as project related decisions and the necessary IT substructure investments needed to provide these services were also set in place.
  • As a result of the developed information channels, web monitoring and updating system we have been able to obtain the necessary flexibility needed to adapt to the continuous changes and developments that are taking place in the energy markets.
The sectors to be served

  • Balancing power market
  • Eligible consumers (industrial and commercial customers having
    consumption of 0.03 GWh/a)