Borusan Lojistik
Borusan Lojistik
Borusan Logistics International
Strategic Positioning
  • A strategic business unit in the Borusan Group since 2000
  • A rapidly growing and profitable business model
  • Ideal supplier for important third party logistics projects in Turkey and abroad
  • Ownership of a modern port in a strategic location
2010 Highlights
  • The target growth rate after the economic crisis has been realised by maintaining the profitability level
  • The revenue and EBITDA level generated by the port expansion investment was above the feasibility figures.
  • Operational investments has been continued
  • High corporate reputation and satisfaction levels per sharesholders has been kept.
Our Determination to Succeed
  • In 2010, with a flexible approach to the economic circumstances, the high profitability ratio has been maintained by effective resource and cost management while proceeding with the investments.
  • International Transportation was positioned as a strategic business unit in 2010
  • Maintained a growth over sector average.
  • Customer and employee satisfaction levels continued to hover above the national and global averages.
  • The 2011-2015 Strategic Planning process has been completed.
From left to right: KAAN GÜRGENÇ, Managing Director
İBRAHİM DÖLEN, Director, Turkey Logistics
ÖZGÜR SOY, Director, Port Operations and International Transportation
MUSTAFA ÖÇALIR, Director, Foreign Countries

Logistics Sales Growth (USD million)

Share of non-group services in sales has increased by 4% in 2010.

Logistics Sales by Service Lines (USD million)

The major revenue growth is observed in 3PL operations.

Corporate Information

  • Operates its port and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) businesses with a focus on creating synergy through service diversification, geographic scope and expertise.
  • Besides subsidiaries founded in Northern Africa, Middle East, Europe and America, since 2006, the arrangements to found a new subsidiary in Kazakhstan in 2011 has been initiated.

Sectors Served

  • Iron and steel, automotive and automotive parts, household appliances, FMCG, chemical industry, construction sectors and container lines

Service Locations

  • Head office in İstanbul
  • Port facilities at Gemlik
  • Regional offices in Istanbul-Anadolu (2), Istanbul-Avrupa, Bursa, Ankara, Izmir
  • Branch offices in Mersin and Ereğli
  • Vehicle Logistics Center in İzmit / Köseköy
  • Total warehousing capacity of 181.000 sqm