• The Role Of Borusan Holding

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Strategic Holding


From left to right:
CANAN ERCAN ÇELİK, Head of Corporate Functions, Borusan Holding
SEMRA AKMAN, Director, Human Resources and Lean Six Sigma, Borusan Holding
BARIŞ KÖKOĞLU, CFO, Borusan Holding
LALE ERGİN ARAT, Director, Strategic Planning and Business Development, Borusan Holding
ALİ FUAT ÇÖTELİOĞLU, Director, Information Technologies, Borusan Holding

The mission of Borusan Holding is to develop a portfolio which will create the maximum value for its shareholders. Borusan Holding achieves this by taking on a pioneer role in terms of leadership and control, relations with shareholders and other stakeholders and ensuring the effective utilization of resources. Moreover, it accomplishes this vision by means of forming a corporate identity and culture and creating efficient communication channels. Borusan Holding has positioned itself as a strategic holding, calling for a balanced concentration on the two roles that exist within Borusan Holding: the strategic investor role and the enabler role. The Holding works to maximize the value created by the Group companies by emphasizing five strategic priorities.


Active Portfolio Management

Borusan Holding effectively manages portfolio risk in an efficient manner through continuous monitoring and diversification. While venturing into new business areas these risks are taken into consideration in order to create a more balanced portfolio. When making investment decisions the Holding ensures optimal allocation of the Group’s financial resources and, while the investment is in operation, monitors the efficiency of investment management processes. By continuously monitoring the performance of its portfolio Borusan is able to maintain a close eye on profitability.

Profit Growth

The Group companies play a crucial role in the implementation phase of the strategies designed to create value for shareholders. The Group utilizes EBITDA, PBT, NFCF and ROIC measures to enhance company value maximization. In order to contribute the Group companies to attain their profitability targets, the Holding supports them with innovative and sustainable solutions for their funding requirements, creates cost advantages through synergies within the Group and implements a proactive management style.

Strategic Market Positioning

The primary purpose of Borusan Group is to influence market dynamics through the strategic methods it has chosen of the industries in which it operates. The Holding ensures the sustainability of Borusan image with the strong brands that are present in its portfolio, by continually satisfying customers’ needs, maintaining long-term and healthy relations with its suppliers and stakeholders and contributing in general to the society in which it exists. The Holding also aims to manage Borusan brand in a strategic and visionary manner.

New Products and Services

In the rapidly changing world and shifting conditions of competition, Borusan Group aims to protect its competitive advantage by placing emphasis on the development of new products and services. By continually monitoring the dynamics, as well as customer expectations and needs, in every sector that Borusan operates, steps are taken to distinguish Borusan from all competitors.

Borusan Holding has determined a road map in order to make “innovation” a natural part of the business culture and the organizational atmosphere across the Group.

Operational Success

In order to create a lean organization and efficient process management Borusan Group utilizes Lean 6 Sigma methodology and some of the best information technology systems. Meanwhile, strategy and performance management applications are utilized to internalize and execute the strategy.

Borusan Holding sets up Group-wide management systems and determines principles, develops platforms where the best implementations can be researched and shared, supports the creation and development of such applications in order to guarantee the efficiency of processes.

Borusan Group is aware of the importance of human resources to reach its vision of continually remaining ‘one step ahead’ by achieving efficiency, creating excellent processes and developing new products and services. By attracting the top talents to the organization and assigning them in the appropriate positions and encouraging high performance, the Holding aims to make its employees become specialists in their jobs. Moreover, future leaders of Borusan are continually being developed at the Borusan Academy.

The Holding determines the basic components necessary for establishing this organizational climate and facilitates its execution through the Group companies.