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  • Operations in a wide geographical region: Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan
  • Distributor of world leading brands including; Caterpillar, Metso, Genie, Hoist, Mantsinen, SITECH, Atlas Copco, SEM, Challenger and Agco.
  • The leader in Turkey’s machinery market since its inception
  • A solution partner to customers with the RUN Concept which provides different options for new machine, rental and used operations.
  • Cat Rental Store is presently the most preferred company for customers interested in rentals.
  • SITECH is providing total Connected Site Solutions for the construction industry and mixed fleets customers seeking a fully integrated solution, including service agreements, 3D data preparation, machine control and guidance products, asset management and telematics, 2D-3D production monitoring.
  • All previous unit and turnover based performance were set record as new machine sales peaked at 1670 units and generated €216 million in revenues. By increasing market share to over 17% leadership position in the domestic market was secured during 2011.
  • As the most preferred rental company in the domestic market status was retained last year revenues reached an all time record high level of €8.5 million.
  • Other records were also broken last year and consistent growth was maintained as used machine sales reached 384 units while €37 million in revenue was generated.
  • In order to increase customer support sales and expand our coverage in Kazakhstan new locations were opened in Ekibastuz and Balkhash. A workshop was launched in UstKaman to UGM rebuild program.
  • SEM Machines distribution has been improved to be more competitive in Kazakhstan machine market.
  • The component center in Kazakhstan, the Varvarinskoe project, the Ormet Project, and the Aktobe Workshop were audited in accordance with the Contamination Control Program. The initial three locations received a rating of five stars and the Aktobe Workshop was awarded three stars. These five star level are the only facilities which have these recognition in all Eurasians dealers.
  • As a technology focused organization SITECH Eurasia successfully completed product and field trainings. As a result of the field demonstrations implemented with earth moving equipment at construction sites throughout the year $0,5 million in product and customer support service revenues were generated. Product setup and service support was provided to present operations in Morocco and Kazakhstan.
  • The cumulative number of revisions implemented at the Cat Renewal Center (CRC) established in Kazakistan was increased by 74% as the annual component revisions completed reached 578. For the first time the ratio of spare parts provided from our own stocks climbed to 84% level. New products and services were developed under the heading of Equipment Management. Following the Hydraulic Business Review that was implemented with Caterpillar separate hydraulic and hose center investments were initiated. A total of 102 new technicians were brought on at all of our business centers. The first Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR) was completed among all the business divisions.
  • The $100 million in revenues generated by the Customer Support Division (Spare Parts, Service and CSA) was the highest annual turnover on record. This achievement was made possible by the fact that the highest ever market share was obtained in especially the mining segment. Investment on facilities, tools as well as the service team capability and capabilities enhanced this achievement.
  • Turkey and Kazakhstan operations achieved Service Gold level in Caterpillar Service Excellence evaluation. These evaluations help in determining the high standards for service and parts operations. In Kazakhstan was also the only dealer among the ones in the Eurasia region to be awarded the Gold Level rating on the evaluation.
  • Underground Trucks were delivered to the big mining customers in Kazakhmys. These were the first of their kind to be delivered in the Eurasia territory.
  • As a result of the success obtained through the emphasis given to the paving business, various paving equipment were successfully delivered for one of the world’s largest projects the “Silk Way Road Construction” continuing in Kazakhstan.
  • The first Component Rebuild Center in Eurasia has been opened in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. This facility improves the capability of service with salvaging and extensive testing features.
  • A Leadership Program was launched jointly with KIMEP which is the most reputable business school in Kazakhstan. A total of 25 leaders from our operations in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia were chosen to start this program which they will complete in 2.5 years.
All previous unit and turnover based performance records were broken as new machine sales peaked at 1,670 units and generated €216 million in revenues. By increasing its market share to over 17% in 2011 the Company secured the leadership position in the domestic market.
  • The RUN (rental used new) model, which offers new machine, rental, and used options, in conjunction with product and customer segmentation have furthered relations with customers as a solutions partner.
  • The expansion of the distributorship network has facilitated in the establishment of a structure which focuses on the quick resolution of problems experienced by BCP customers.
  • In line with the new processes developed, as a result of the two - year long efforts put in to the implementation of an SAP process, better service and solutions were attained from the integrated information substructure. After Turkey this implementation will also be integrated into Central Asian countries.
  • All of the products and services in the portfolio of SITECH Eurasia have been offered to the market under the most suitable investment alternatives including purchase, rent, or rent/purchase options.
  • The investment pertaining to the development of the information systems in Kazakhstan is still ongoing.
  • Environmental performance has been improved as a result of the contamination control efforts comprised of applications and rules designed to limit contamination at every stage of the maintenance processes and keep them continually at acceptable levels.
  • All workshops presently have a five star contamination control certificate which is Caterpillar’s highest valuation rating.
  • Continuous Segment focus enables high market shares in product and customer support business in Mining for Kazakhstan operations.
  • Efforts pertaining to waste management are implemented within the framework of the regulations put forth by the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Even though there are no requirements to do so a special license was obtained to collect waste oil from customers. All the collected oils are turned over to PETDER.
  • Our sector based business focus has allowed us to secure the highest market shares in both product and customer support businesses pertaining to the mining operations in Kazakhstan.


From left to right:
ERCÜMENT İNANÇ, Executive Committee Co-Chairman, Chief Operational Officer
MURAT ERKMEN, Executive Committee Member, EME Managing Director
ÖZGÜR GÜNAYDIN, Executive Committee Member, Country Director for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyztan
ÖMER METİ, Executive Committee Member - Customer Support Director
ASLAN HİÇSOLMAZ, Executive Committee Member - Chief Financial Officer
TOLGA AKAR, Executive Committee Member - Power Systems Managing Director

Power Systems


  • Operations in a wide geographical expense; Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan
  • Distributorship of Caterpillar, MaK, Olympian, SAM Electronics and NGC brands.
  • The solution partner in the areas of turnkey projects (EPC), value added engineering services, and the implementation of electromechanical systems.
  • A powerful stance in the emergency situation generator market
  • Offering comprehensive solutions from a single point through the complementary products offered under the certified BESys brand.
  • Playing an active role in petroleum market related offshore projects as well as the renovation projects of pump and compressor stations in Turkey.
  • Securing market leadership in targeted segments of the marine sector with the main product lines of Caterpillar, and MaK
  • Distributorship of SAM Electronics and NGC to compliment the services we provide in the marine sector
  • As a part of the customer support functions service is simultaneously provided to numerous different products which offer added value.
  • By utilizing our engineering experience and system competence an in-house production of synchronization panels was started.
  • Various initiatives were also initiated in the area of energy efficiency
  • Competencies in the energy sector were utilized efficiently to gain important projects, as investments were initiated for the development of new competencies. As a result new customer focused creative products and services were offered through the implementation of turnkey projects (EPC) for energy, marine, and petroleum industries.
  • Numerous large scale undertakings pertaining to diesel generators, natural gas energy projects solutions and turnkey projects including Zorlu Center, Ülker Arena, and Maçka Residence were successfully completed.
  • With regards to natural gas energy application solutions important projects including Ode Yalıtım, Keskinoğlu, and Swiss Otel were signed up.
  • The distributorship rights were obtained for MaK medium speed naval engines from Caterpillar.
  • A distributorship agreement pertaining to electronic relay systems and turnkey projects was signed with the L3 Group subsidiary SAM Electronics, which is one of the leading firms on a global scale for the implementation of naval electronics systems.
  • A country distributorship agreement relating to vessel dispatch systems was signed with the NGC Group which presently handles production for such global brands as ZF and General Electric.
  • A turnover of $5.8 million was reached from emergency situation generators and petroleum segments in Azerbaijan and Georgia.
  • In terms of creating different products/services in Customer Service Operations the component renewal investment and the formation of the ORA project’s operational team were initiated as the development of various projects and new investments are to be continued in 2012.
  • Mechanical packaging and in-house panel production processes were established.
  • By resolving important engineering activities, which create added value, within the institution improvements were attained in profitability and system quality.
  • Excellence was achieved in engineering and applications. Investments aimed at developing technical and organizational competencies were initiated as workshops were brought online.
  • A qualified subcontractor network was established as a result of the improved technical procurement process.
  • Turnkey Power System projects valued at $11 million were successfully delivered to one of the major oil and gas customer KSS in Kazakhstan.
  • All of the groundwork pertaining to the attainment of the distributorship rights for Clydeunion Pumps has been completed, as the agreement is due to be signed during the first half of 2012
  • In the face of growing competitive conditions, special programs were jointly developed with the manufacturer, with the aim of protecting present position.
  • By increasing our knowledge and experience in engineering, have established presence as a preferred business partner for customers in high value added projects.
  • Important projects were brought to life in order to enrich the range of products and services offered under Customer Support functions.
  • In an effort to integrate, products and services that are compatible with the corporate DNA new distributorships and innovation projects were prepared and brought to life.
  • Investments pertaining to technology were initiated in order to increase the added value created for the customer
  • By ensuring quality and standardization in sales, customer support, engineering, and commitment services the ISO 9001-2008 quality management systems certification was attained.
  • As all required conditions were attain similar to previous years both the ISO 10002-Customer Complaint Management and the ISO 14001 – Environment Management Systems certifications were once again renewed for this year.
  • Focusing on Power Systems in Kazakhstan will likely ensure the attainment of sustainable success in especially petroleum and natural gas business fields


Numerous large scale undertakings pertaining to diesel generators, natural gas energy projects solutions and turnkey projects including Zorlu Center, Ülker Arena, and Maçka Residence were successfully completed.




The 54% growth in the business machine market was the primary reason behind the rise of the turnover in Turkey.

Business Area
  • Distributor of Caterpillar in Turkey since 1994
  • The sole distributor of Caterpillar in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Turkey.
  • Representative of Mantsinen material handling machines, Metso Nordberg the leading global mobile crushing and screening plants, Hoist Liftruck cushion-tire forklifts, Atlas Copco hydraulic crushers, Genie brand Aerial Work Platforms (AWP), Caterpillar’s CTCC brand Tunnel Boring Machines, and Exxon Mobil in Turkey.
  • Rental representative of Wacker Neuson construction equipment, and Atlas Copco and Kaeser Compressors.
  • The distributor for MaK heavy diesel medium speed naval engines and Olympian brand diesel and gas generator sets.
  • SAM Electronics and NGC distributor for support on turnkey marine projects
  • With the BESys brand, component services ranging from electricity, energy and contracting project (EPC)
  • In addition to the brands represented both in Turkey and Kazakhstan, the Company is currently the representative in Kazakhstan of Challenger and Agco agricultural machines, as well as SEM, the earth moving equipment manufacturer for Caterpillar and the Bucyrus mining earth moving machinery.
  • Distributor of SITECH Eurasia subsidiary Trimble in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan for machine dispatch and control systems.

Products and services
  • Machinery sales and after sales support services
  • Provide low cost and efficiency increase for customers by offering 0 to 2 years old machines and components within the scope of the Cat Rental Store
  • The Certified Used Concept supplies a unique warranty service for used equipment in Turkey
  • Energy systems applications such as diesel and gas motor-cogeneration, mechanical power applications (pump stations, compressor systems, etc.) and emergency
  • Biogas and landfill turnkey energy plants
  • Marine system for main and auxiliary engines
  • Used and rental generator business
  • Static and dynamic UPS
  • Electromechanical project and commitment services
  • Presenting financing solutions for all segments
  • Used and rental generator business

Sectors Served
  • General and heavy construction, mining and industrial sectors,
  • Textile, steel, chemistry, medicine, ceramic, wood, automotive, food and plastic sectors,
  • The energy sector comprised of: business centers, hotels, airports, hospitals, universities and mass housing projects,
  • Marine sector-related solutions are offered to builders of tugboats, megayachts, motor yachts, cargo ships, and sea busses
  • Products and services offered by SITECH Eurasia for not only transportation projects including freeways, railroads, airport but also corporate, industrial, and residential projects.

Service Locations

  • The headquarter of Borusan Makina ve Güç Sistemleri is located in Istanbul. Our branches, which provide sales and technical services in Antalya, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Trabzon and Trakya, are managed by regional offices in Adana, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.
  • There are 36 service locations in Turkey and another 20 in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
  • Two separate offices in Istanbul for the headquarters as well as the sales and marketing departments of SITECH Eurasia


• CAT • Metso • Mantsinen • Hoist • Genie • CTCC • SITECH • AGCO • SEM • Olympian • MaK • BESys • SAM Electronics • NGC