Corporate Management

Corporate Management
Corporate Management
In Borusan Group, it is believed that we have to earn stockholders' long term confidence in our companies, products and our standing in capital markets in everything we do. The group is working in compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct and applicable law and defined principles of proper management.

Borusan Group Executive Board together with Company managements is committed to the long-term sustainable growth of Borusan Group's corporate value. Corporate value is measured in terms of the company's ability to satisfy and go beyond the needs of all stockholders, namely customers, employees, creditors, vendors and the public.

Mission and Values
In Borusan Group, our mission is to provide high quality products, services and business solutions that generate value for our customers and to be recognized as a role model for operational success, customer loyalty and contributions to the community. We will achieve this by creating a trustworthy organization where highly qualified people can grow to their full potential that constantly develops and renews itself, that is focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction and is global in its outlook.

To move ahead with this mission Borusan Group defines its values as:
  • Drive to Succeed
  • Personal Initiative and Responsibility
  • Customer Orientation
  • Integrity
  • Contribution to Community
Corporate Management Structure
Borusan Group is organized in a Holding structure at the top, which acts as a parent for its operating subsidiaries. This structure allows Kocabıyık family as the Holding shareholders, the control over all the business without necessarily having to be directly involved in the management of the operating subsidiaries.
The Parent is defined as all management platforms and levels, which have direct and indirect impact, influence and control over the operating company managements. The role of the corporate parent is summarized as follows:
  • Providing strategic leadership.
  • Spreading knowledge and human resources among the Group.
  • Creating an identity and providing communication within or outside the Group.
  • Providing financial resources and their proper allocation for financial soundness and long-term success.
  • Exerting control over the enterprise as a whole.
  • Ensuring that major linkage influences, synergies and common skills are used to the fullest by operating companies.
  • Managing strategical communication and reporting to shareholders and other stockholders.
  • Ensuring socially responsible corporate behavior.

Borusan Holding Board of Management
It is the top-level decision-making organization of the Group. The Board of Managements holds the general responsibility of Group activities towards shareholders. The main mission is to identify the goals of the Group and develop strategies in order to reach the goals. Borusan Holding Board of Management has a balanced structure assembling director and non-director members as well as including the independent members. The Board of Management consists of 5 members including two independent members.
Holding Steering Committee
It is responsible with ensuring the group strategy, operations and steering is conducted in harmony with each other.
Borusan Holding
It manages capital and capital managements of the Group companies. It leads the Group companies by giving guidance in areas such as business development, communication, and IT; determines the politics and standards, and inspects the applications.
Boards of Directors of Subsidiaries
  • It guides The Steering Committee of the Holding in the process of decision-making in management of subsidiaries on strategic issues, helps by giving support.
  • It represents the opinions and expectations of the other partners and provides effectiveness for their decisions.
  • It is a management control platform which confirms the decisions on main issues related to company activities.
The Borusan Group, acts in a way of communication that is on-time, transparent, open, and based on the principle of equality with the present and potential investors, customers and community.
The Borusan Group, announces the financial statements in accordance with the legistation of the Capital Market Board once in every quarter and the Group announces UMS based consolidated accounts once in every year.
The Borusan Group, informs the public about all the processes of the company’s activity related to the field of activity of the public traded companies as well as any information related with the share prices of the companies without any delay. In addition to that; the Group periodically informs the public about the corporate strategy of the Group and the expected progress.
Borusan and Contribution to Community
The Borusan Group, with the mission of social responsibility, gives back to the community with which it does business in order to improve and encourage community members, to create enthusiasm in the community about culture, contemporary arts, and music, and to protect the rich cultural heritage of Turkey.
Borusan Culture and Arts, founded in 1997, is a central structure that executes the culture and art activities supported by the Group. The Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, The Borusan Quartet, The Borusan Choir, The Borusan Music House, Music Library and Ertug & Kocabıyık Publications are among the organizations that operate in this field.

The Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation is providing scholarships for talented students since 1992. In addition to that, the Foundation has built Borusan Asım Kocabıyık Anatolian Vocational High School, Borusan Otomotiv Zehra Nurhan Kocabıyık Primary School, and Kocaeli University Hereke Campus Dormitory and College and has contributed to the education.