Founded in 1958, Borusan Boru is the first industrial initiative of the Borusan Group, one of Turkey's leading powers.  

Today, Borusan Boru carries its experience, expertise, and passion to all corners of the world with its high-tech pipes in every field, from automotive to construction, from energy to machinery production, with its high sales volume, and is among the leading manufacturers of Europe and the world in the steel pipe industry. 

Continuing its investments with a global perspective in line with market dynamics, the company . He made his first overseas investment by establishing Borusan Vobarno Tubi S.p.A. with the facility it purchased in Italy in 2001. In 2014, it founded Borusan Boru US Inc. to manage the Houston Baytown factory investment in the USA. In 2023, within the scope of its strategy of becoming a local player in global markets, it purchased Berg Pipe, one of the companies in the USA that produces the highest quality and capacity, and incorporated it as Borusan Berg Pipe.

Borusan Boru, in the top 100 in the list of Turkey's largest industrial enterprises since its first year, is building Turkey's future beyond producing pipes with its thousands of products, reliable service, quality, and the firsts it has achieved in Turkiye and the world. It offers a sustainable society and world with its management policies, and a developed country, and a safe future with its large-scale investments.

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