To inspire, you must first dream with the inspiration you get from today. You must produce with higher consciousness than yesterday, with a brand-new vision, and make your dream come true by exhausting all of your resources.To be an inspiration, you must produce a real benefit with the inspiration you get from the future.
As Borusan, we aim to produce benefits since the day we were founded.

We strive toward building better lives and a sustainable future for all.

We dream of, design, produce, and make new things a reality.  

We mobilize all of our resources to inspire us all.  

We know that dreams come true in the hands of those who imagine them. To that end, we combine our creativity with our producing power. We are inspired by the cycle of nature, our human resources, and innovative ideas. We inspire a sustainable future with our producing power, employees, business models as well as our stakeholders and partnerships.


We dream, design and produce for a healthy climate.

We use our innovative ideas, manufacturing skills, competencies, and creativity to overcome the climate crisis. Our aim is to help mend the broken workings of the climate. With all of our resources, we dream of building, designing, and actualising healthier systems for the climate in our own operations as well as across our value chain.


We dream, design, and turn into reality for a human-oriented corporate culture and social development.

We work with our colleagues and stakeholders in creating a bright future. We design innovative relationship models to benefit our society. Our goal is to inspire a refreshing and sustainable future for all. With our human resources, we dream of, design, and turn into reality a bright future.


We dream, design, and produce for a new era.

We are inspired by innovative ideas, and in turn, inspire a brand-new future. Our priority is to implement innovative and sustainable business models that are fit for the future. With our corporate resources and innovative capacities, we dream, design, and turn into reality an innovative future.

As Borusan, we strive to inspire a sustainable future since our establishment. We meet those who inspire the future in Borusan, for a new era, a new world, new dreams, and innovative ideas.