Since September 3, 1970, Supsan has been producing engine valves for all types of internal combustion engines under the license of Eaton SRL in Türkiye's largest valve production facility. In 2014, Supsan started Turbo production in its own facilities and offers 50 different product ranges in the spare parts segment with its production power and high quality.

Serving as an original parts supplier to vehicle manufacturers for its valves, valve guides, tabs, rods and valve head products, Supsan exports to 3 continents by providing OEM services to leading automobile companies in Europe, America and other regions with 4,611 references in its product range.

With the R&D Center Registration Certificate obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2017, Supsan continues to work with the vision of becoming a preferred company in Türkiye and worldwide in engineering, production and supply of parts that need precision manufacturing for new technologies.

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